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League Rules

Primal Soccer Rules

Yellow and Red card offenses

  • Y- Excessive force against the boards.

  • Y – Excessive fouling by same player

  • Y- Cursing at ref or another player on the field.

  • Y- Intention to start a fight with another player.

  • Y – Illegally preventing goal (player hand ball in goal, breakaway trip from behind, etc)

  • R- Throwing a punch or kick at another player.

  • R- Intention of hurting another player or ref.

  • R- Receive two yellow cards.

Yellow card results in 2 Minute Penalty (if opposing team scores within the penalty, player may come back in to play)

Red card results in 5 Minute Penalty and that player is done for the game (team plays a man down until 5 minutes is up, regardless if opposing team scores)

NEW RULE: 6 or more fouls by a team in one half results in automatic PK (Need to track on paper)

  • NO slide tackling

  • Shin guards MUST BE WORN, no exceptions.

  • Teams must wear SAME uniform/ color

  • NO cleats

  • ALL free kicks are IN-DIRECT (must touch two players before entering goal.)

  • 4 yards may be given on any free kick when asked for, at this time, inform everyone that play will resume on the whistle.

  • Players cannot directly score from their own half. (if ball deflects off any player and or the goalie before crossing goal line, goal may be awarded)

  • When ball hits the wall out of bounds, ball may be placed within 3 feet of wall (just enough space to play the ball) same goes for corner kicks.

    Guest Players

  • Must check in at the front desk with Primal employee.

  • Cannot score goals if already on another teams roster (guy or girl).

    Playoffs and Semis

  • He/she who has played a total of 3 games in the regular season (first 9 weeks) is eligable to participate and score during playoff matches.

  • Each team in the playoffs is allowed one guest who has not played the total of 3 regular season games, ONLY if the team is short on players and needs one sub (player cannot score)


  • Has 5 seconds to release ball once save has been made.

  • May throw or kick the ball to another player on the opposite half of the field.

  • CANNOT slide outside of the box.

  • CANNOT score a direct goal.

  • CANNOT physically pass the half.

  • Can only change goalies my notifying ref (not at random interchanges)

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